Saturday, April 04, 2015

Abu Bakr, Husband of Queens Muslima Noelle Velentzas Charged in Islamic Terror Bomb Plot Marched in the NYC Muslim Day Parades with Black Flag of Jihad

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 Abu Bakr at the 2007 Muslim Day Parade.
Abu Bakr, husband of Noelle Velentzas, a woman charged along with Asia Siddiqui in an Islamic terrorist bomb plot in New York City has marched in several New York City Muslim Day Parades carrying the extremist black death flag of violent jihad.

Here are some photos and video that I took of Abu Bakr in past NYC Muslim Day Parades with his Islamic black flag of death.  Please be sure to click on the links provided below highlighted in red for much, much more on Abu Bakr, his presence at the Muslim Day Parades, his women and his Jamaica, Queens mosque.

Abu Bakr's Flag of Islamic Death flying on Madison Avenue, New York City. 

 Abu Bakr at the 2012 Muslim Day Parade

 Could this be the wife of Abu Bakr? 
Noelle Velentzas, aspiring terrorist charged with plotting to bomb New York City Police Department funerals at the 2012 Muslim Day Parade?

Abu Bakr's 'ladies' at the 2013 Muslim Day Parade

See VIDEO! of Abu Bakr marching down Madison Avenue in 2013 with his cadre of radical females, perhaps even multiple wives.

At the 2013 Muslim Day Parade
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 The mosque in Queens that Abu Bakr, Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui attend.

*UPDATE 4/6/2015:  It has been confirmed that it is in fact, Noelle Velentzas shown in my photos and videos in this report and in my previous blog posts covering the NYC Muslim Day Parades.

Friday, March 13, 2015


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 Found via Twitter a large cache of  DAESH videos through their links to secret pages and stored on Embedded in each are links to active private message dumps, and many dozens of slick videos ranging in length from 9 minutes to an hour are new and old releases known and never before seen.  Calls to jihad, admonishments, testimonials, threats and the usual fare of wholesale murder and massacre.  There are 'man on the street' interviews in Mosul to show the soft side of ISIS, their ability to implement shariah as a functioning government and attempts to demonstrate how much better life is living under the most brutal and depraved subhumans.  
Featured strongly among this insanity are many instances showing children being indoctrinated, and endless recruitment videos for in several languages trying to show off the 'diversity' of the terrorist devils. 
 Below are screen grabs from just a few of these videos, starting with young boys being brainwashed and coached to become the slaves of the most evil and detestable presence on earth today.
From video #40 at:

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These are children.
  Or they were children, that is, 
until their souls were robbed from them.
Now monsters in training.

Fresh-faced boys eager and destined to be 
the new wave of DAESH Islamic global terrorists are glorified to the point of pornographic obsession.
Conspicuously, but not surprisingly absent from the grotesque spectacle were women.  Only little girls were used as props and pawns.  No adult women are ever shown speaking and are completely covered, effectively removed.
 * * *
In what could be one of their most ambitious propaganda videos is 'A Visit to Mosul.'  Relaxed as a CNN program, a tour of DAESH occupied Mosul is narrated by a terrorist in perfect Russian complete with Arabic and English subtitles.  At one point laughably claiming that 'the arrival of the Islamic State, Islam entered into the lives of the residents in a whole new way.'  
From video #10 at:

'Interested in Islam' ... 
digging your own grave at the point of a gun, filmed in a cage of fire or, by a dull knife to the throat.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ISIS Cages First Seen Rolling Down Madison Avenue at the 2014 Muslim Day Parade in New York City

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It wasn't at Raqqa, Islamic State of Syria, in the horrific and monstrous video of the Jordanian pilot, Muath al-Kaseasbeh,where cages for humans on pickup trucks made their debut.  It was right here in New York City at the annual Muslim Day Parade on Madison Avenue .

Because the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS are one and the same.

Please click here to see this and much, much more at my full report on the September 2014 New York City Muslim Day Parade!

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Must-see VIDEO of girls in cages 
courtesy of the Muslim Brotherhood in New York City.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I am Charlie Hebdo and I Can't Joke


Still Stands True.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Muslim Day Parade 2014

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Well, just when you thought that the annual Muslim Day Parade had gotten boring ... today happened.  Apparently not concerned in the least with optics, they put away the black death flag of violent Islamic jihad of previous marches and put together some Muslim Brotherhood street theater the likes of which never before seen. 

The official theme of the parade this year was 
"Islam & America Share Common Values."
'Egypt' as a woman in a noose.

A 'pharoah' in a golden chariot whipping baton-weilding thugs chanting 'Si-si!', 'Si-si!'

VIDEO: The parade begins with the NYPD Marching Band.

VIDEO: A couple of vocal Christan proselytizers.

VIDEO: And this is where it gets crazy.

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There was a 'caged girls' float with images of gore and exploded heads, pro-Morsi signs and reference to the 2013 Rabaa massacre in Egypt.

 These girls never broke expression.  
It was thoroughly eerie.

Some pro-shariah blood and gore for a Sunday afternoon parade on Madison Avenue.

A tank and the Muslim Brotherhood hand sign.

VIDEO: Girls in cages rolling down Madison Avenue! 

VIDEO: Must-see video of the Pharoah's Golden Chariot on Madison Avenue! Featuring the plastic guns they wanted to march with that the cops took away.

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Photo credit: tmdrdd
Photo credit: tmdrdd
 Photo credit: tmdrdd
Photo credit: tmdrdd 

* * *
The Muslim Brotherhood really put on a show
John Kerry, Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain.

Girls in cages.  
But what about the Yazidi and Nigerian girls kidnapped by Islamics in IS and Boko Haram and sold as slaves?
Full set of photos at my Flickr page!

VIDEO: The golden chariot thugs at the end of the parade.

VIDEO: Pro-Muslim Brotherhood chanting.

VIDEO: What a peaceful religion! 'Toy' guns at the Muslim Day Parade.  Video credit: Big Thanks to Tmdrdd.

UPDATE!  New video!

VIDEO: Incredible video of guns at the march.  
Courtesy of Pamela Hall.

Another UPDATE!!  More video!

VIDEO:  Cops get wind of the guns.  Thugs caught mugging it up with guns and hanged woman.  This is what they were planning to parade down Madison Avenue. Video credit: Tmdrdd.